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The Annex Quartet is principally known for its eclectic and unique repertoire. In order to achieve this niche in the musical community, we have done extensive research into the various art forms of whatever era or genre of music is representative of the music we wish to explore. We have discovered that the string quartet, at times augmented with other instruments to add the flavour of authenticity, is the perfect vehicle for almost any style of music. As individuals, we have come together to express each of our own interests, so that we may grow together, both personally and musically, through the arrangement and performance of music which initially represented our tastes as individuals. As so often happens with collaborations, we have grown more as individuals and as a group than we would have had have we explored music on our own. We are hoping to pass on to current generations our insights into this time in history, through our updated take of the music we have chosen to perform and record.

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