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“The Annex String Quartet beautifully rendered Schafer’s Quartet No. 5, reminding us that Schafer’s expansive mystical Romanticism has its basis in a very fine and well-developed lyrical sense.”








“The pianist was joined by the Annex Quartet, with Roberto Occhipinti, double bass, in a collegial presentation of Franz Liszt’s transcription of the work. There was beautiful balance, a great sense of proportion in the relationship between the soloist and a small ensemble, neither side “outshouting” the other.” 






“The second movement conversation between the dark and dissonant strings and the gorgeous lyricism of the keyboard set up the magical, rhapsodic piano cadenza. The spirited third movement Rondo, seemed to outrun its musical sense. But all was right in the encore, the Rondo of the “Emperor” Concerto, in which Lisiecki seemed re-engaged if not re-energized. It was a generous gift to an appreciative audience who greeted the conclusion of each of the three pieces with a standing ovation.”








kronos quartet


“One of the things I loved most when I first heard them was their passionate interpretations.” – David Harrington, Kronos Quartet










“The Annex Quartet is trying to spread their sound as far as it will travel through explorations of relatable and relevant topics.” – Odessa Paloma Parker, Plaid Magazine


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